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Beautiful carved Makrana marble fountain


Product MRP: 250,000.00

Product code – MFW-010

Packaging details – As per customer requirement

Size – 6.5 ft. height

Material – Marble


 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Size  6.5 ft. height
 Marble  Makrana marble
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Shape  Carved
 Carving  Handmade
 Appearance  As per customer requirement
 Purpose  Ornamentation
 Water absorption  No
 Country of origin  India

Look at this Makrana marble material water fountain in magnificent carving manufactured GRP Marbles. This is the hard work of our craftsmen because they have incredible talented art to produce fountains as the personalization of our clients. There are some statues are attach on this fountain in carved structure that will increase the beauty of this waterbody. Our crafters had do lot of hard work on their skills and are manage to construct marble products as customer demands. This is the way of our success to providing fountains in top quality. To make statues on fountain is really a difficult work of hands, our craftsmen are worked on their skills. Appearance in important for maintain charming of this fountain. Lobby, hotel garden, domestic garden etc. are the superlative place for add this fountain. Makrana marble material should be awesome to manufacture fountains for offering important decoration in living area.

White marble material – Choosing material for waterbody is an important matter because fountains are based on the quality of material. Our marble category is completely safe from water absorption and scratches. This marble fabric is pure white and well-famous in the world.

Carving and finishing – This carved art of this fountain is stunning and construct by our talented artisans on their basic skills. Marble is a solid fabric and not carved easily through hands. We got top-rated crafts service man for finished fountains in gloss beautifully and provide it a shape of customize carving.

Purpose – Marble take big spot in keeping ornamentation in domestic. Peoples have crush add marble handicrafts for exterior and interior to done a helpful job in decoration. This fountains have magnificent looks to add elegance on your outdoor garden.


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