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Carved amazing white marble temple


Product MRP: 275,000.00

Product code – MTW-096

Packaging details – As per customer requirement

Size – 5.5 ft. height

Material – Marble


 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Appearance  As per customer requirement
 Carving  Handmade
 Marble  Makrana marble
 Purpose  Worship

Look at this marble mandir in carved designs had produce by GRP Marbles. This is unbelievable to carved like this. This is very hard work of craftsmen to carved this temple from hands and made this in superior design. This temple is made of Makrana marble matter and should increase the whole interiors home value permanently. Doubtlessly this is an costly temple because this is made bit closely and craftsmen using more time to work to craft this in many days. GRP Marbles is the company which can construct anything in marble handicraft.

Specialty – This is such an best unique design temple as customer required. Gumbad looks so traditional and full of carving which enhance the beauty of this temple. This temple have worked more from other temple because of the carving. carving made big fact on this temple and made this special and different.

Good workmanship – Our exporting is spreading in all over the world of best quality material handicrafts marble products. This is spectacular to build carved temple in magnificent designs as customer want. We work hard for our success and contain to victory as manage to manufacture product as consumer speculation.

Makrana marble matter – Matter is natural issue for everyone while it comes for auspicious items. But according to Vastu Shastra, marble would be propitious for homes and put an great effect in all residents. Makrana is also famous for their durability and lastingness.

Showing royalty – Shape of this temple looks premium and will show the royalty of house while this temple is upload. There is no doubt that this marble temple is expensive because it made of full hard work of our craftsmen and carved in best designs.


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