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Carved Black marble Tulsi pot


Product MRP: 42,000.00

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Size – 3.5 Ft. Height

Material – Black marble

Finishing – Gloss Surface 

Carving – handmade

Purpose – Adoration and Worship

Origin – India


Check out this black marble tulsi planter in a lovely carved appearance synthetic with the aid of way of our top-rated artists thru the hand-crafted procedure. GRP Marbles is now grow to be a huge production carrier of marble and sandstone handicraft objects and might assemble handicrafts as consumers’ speculations. Tulsi planters are critical in domestic spaces for maintaining silence of peace, positivity and adoration of surroundings.

Material – In many states of our us of a, black marble fabric taken into consideration an auspicious fabric for non secular merchandise. Yes, we’ve got solid, hard and stable black marble material which can end in excellent gloss floor completing to provide remarkable attraction and luminosity to merchandise. If you need to connect Tulsi planter for accurate success in your home area then upload this black marble-carved Tulsi planter.

Purpose – Decoration, impersonation and adoration are the primary records that must take your mind to feature this black marble Tulsi planter in your living region.

Carving – Carving on black marble complex cloth is a tough manner of hands but our craftsmen are too splendid and talented in their crafting talents and can craft speculative carving structures on marble and natural stones for treasured purchasers.


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