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Carved marble mandir with Ganesha


Product MRP: 250,000.00

Product code – MTW-022

Packaging details – Depends on customer requirement

Size – 6 ft. height

Material – Makrana marble


 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Size  6 ft. height
 Carving  Handmade

Get this marble mandir with Ganesh ji statue. This mandir and also statue is manufactured by GRP Marbles. Marble mandir at home is a perfect way to give god a special space at your landscape. This mandir is made of Makrana marble material and this material is completely saved from water absorption and scratches. Carving give this marble mandir a royal and premium shape and this marble Ganesh looks great and also auspicious for your home. We have a huge and wide collections of marble temple in different types of designs and sizes. Marble temple is the best pooja room opinion to you for the home, Because our marble mandir is long lasting and completely saved from roughness and water absorption. GRP Marbles has an well known name for its unbelievable art to manufacture marble handicraft decorative product. This marble mandir is made of pure Makrana white marble and enhance your home value. The main purpose to create this marble mandir is worship for god and deities. Makrana marble is best material in marble which is famous in the world. Our marble product is also export on foreign country.

Statue –  This is marble Ganesh ji statue inside this mandir and looks adorable. This mandir are coming in your home with good blessings of Ganesh ji and spreading happiness in your surroundings. Ganesh ji is considered to be auspicious in homes and spreading prosperity and wealth.

Specialty  –  marble material had great space in spiritual world that must be temple or statues.  Our marble mandir are not caching dust and can be easily wash with water Because they are completely saved from water absorption and scratches. Yes, Makrana marble is well famous for its durability and stability in the world. This marble mandir is helpful in decoration because Ornamentation for our pooja room is the best and natural choice in our mindset and this is the perfect way to decorate your pooja room by bringing marble mandir from GRP Marbles at your landscape. Marble mandir is the way to giving god and deities better place in home and keeping our home safe from bad things.

Worship –  This is big marble carved mandir and also should also helpful for keeping adoration in homes. Worship is the first priority for us to give god a special space in home. Yes, This is the main purpose of purchasing marble mandir. This is the best chance for devotees to get this marble in best price from GRP Marbles.


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