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Carved marble pooja mandir


Product MRP: 50,000.00

Product code – MTW-003

Delivery time – On time

Packaging details – Depends on customer requirement

Quantity – At least 1


  Brand   GRP Marbles
  Material   Marble
  Marble type   Makrana marble
  Color   White
  Packaging type   Depends on customer requirement
  Carving   Handmade

Lets have a look on this carved marble mandir in beautiful design had manufactured by GRP Marbles. Carving on marble material made from hands is a difficult work for artisans. Our craftsmen are good and well know for his beautiful art. You can contact us expeditiously for more details about marble mandir and comes to our shop for take information more about our product and manufacturing. If budget is not a problem for you, then you should take Marble material mandir from GRP Marbles in best price for your home charm and beauty. Pooja room is the main room in our home and its close to our heart. Ornamentation for our pooja room is the best and natural choice in our mindset and this is the perfect way to decorate your pooja room by bringing marble mandir from GRP Marbles at your landscape.

Purpose – Pooja room is best auspicious place in home and close to our heart. Worship is the main purpose for this marble mandir and the great opportunity for devotees of god to upload this mandir in his landscape. 

Decoration – Ornamentation is the best thoughts of peoples about their homes and this is the best way to decorate your homes and increase your home value. 


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