- 14%

Carved white marble inlay temple


Product MRP: 50,000.00

Product code – MTW-177

Packaging details – As per customer requirement

Size – 4.5 ft. height

Material – Marble


 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Appearance  As per customer requirement
 Marble  Makrana white marble
 Design  Carved
 Carving  handmade
 Portable  Yes
 Purpose  Worship
 Finishing  Gloss
 Water absorption  No

Check this Makrana marble in Inlay carving design had manufactured by GRP Marbles. This is inlay best technique in this temple which looks great and charming. This temple is convince your more better reason to upload in your landscape. This temple is in good looks and complete your all demands which you needs in temples. We are a huge crafter of inlay royal marble temple for increasing your home panorama. There are little bit Jali have on this temple which create this temple design very suitable and stunning. Our carved temples are made with a lot of hard work and take more time to build. So there is no doubt that our material temple is little bit of expensive But it will enhance your home value permanently and create good environment on your surroundings.

Specialty – This is a good point to be noted that our material is considered to auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. This is also long established material and also for keeping home adoration. While it comes the matter to specify then our staff is ready to spreading information and specialty of our material. So why you wait, connect with us expeditiously to purchasing this temple.

Worship – We are living in religious world and we saw everywhere temples of god to give them an beautiful place. This marble temple is better for your home good luck and should enhance your devotion into god.

Decoration – While the situation comes of ornamentation then we prefer you to add royal marble temple in home Because its also increasing the worth of the interiors. We are the best crafters of marble temple in the world and well knowns for our craft designs services like Jali, Carving and inlay technique.

Temple construction services – We are a best provider of temples in best quality to our customers. Our big temple construction services are situated in Makrana, Rajasthan and we are manage to construct marble mandir as consumer theorizing.


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