Decorative marble table top


Product MRP:

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Material – Marble 

Finishing – Gloss Surface

Diameter – As per customer requirement

Brand – GRP Marbles

Origin – India


Add this glorious white marble table pinnacle in a remarkable inlay structure synthetic by using GRP Marbles in the exceptional natural stone metropolis Makrana in Rajasthan. GRP Marbles is one of the first-rate production offerings for decorative handicraft objects in India. Inlay is an exceptional approach that can practice to marble material and decorate marble merchandise’ splendor and cost. It’s a aggregate of many colourful natural stones inner marble cloth to enhance product pleasant and splendor.

Material – This is a Makrana natural white marble inlay desk pinnacle and is eligible to expose luminosity and allure whilst connect to your domestic interior space because of fabric general nice and whiteness. The inlay technique is perfect to Makrana marble due to the fact it’s miles pure white. White marble material is used for many functions at domestic like giving decorative view and displaying royalty to others.

Ornamentation – Connect this white marble inlay table top at your indoors to register fascinating and impersonation. Decoration is a chief concept in humans’s mind-set about their domestic region. This is the satisfactory manner of connecting positivity, value and suitable panorama to your private home by means of including this incredible appearance marble inlay table pinnacle in a remarkable path.


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