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Makrana carved indoor marble mandir


Product MRP: 130,000.00

Product code – MTW-030

Packaging details – Depends on customer requirement

Brand – GRP Marbles 

Material – Makrana marble


 Size  5 ft. height
 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Water absorption  No
 Carving  Handmade

Look at this carved marble mandir in amazing design had manufactured by GRP Marbles. In this marble mandir, We include the statue of Shiv parivar, Radha Krishan and Ram Darbar. Marble mandir is the good way to keep god in better place and doing adorative worship of god. There is not doubt that marble is an expensive material because of its durability and stability.

Jali and carving – There are carving and jali on this marble mandir. It looks so elegant, effective and neat, So this marble mandir is in great position to create an good environment on your home. Create carving on marble material and give them a shape of temple, Is not easy. Our craftsmen are hard working and give their best efforts on producing marble items.

Pooja –  Doing worship in home create appropriate effect and dilute all poor energy from landscapes. Marble is the amazing material for spiritual object like mandir and pooja is the primary reason for humans to purchasing our marble mandir. Marble mandir are the best way to hold god in unique area at home and brings positivity around yourself.

Manufacturing – We are big exporter of handicraft marble products and our manufacturing is situated in Makrana, Rajasthan. after a lot our hard work, we are manage to construct marble items as consumer speculation. This marble mandir is in great demands of people to have the best value in homes.

Specialty – This marble mandir is only available from us in best quality and friendly prices. This mandir is made of Makrana marble material which is completely saved from water absorption. GRP Marbles is the largest manufacturer of marble mandir in various sizes and designs. This mandir spreads an positivity on your whole area and made your mind fresh with good vibes.


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