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Makrana white marble carved pillar


Product MRP: 38,000.00

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Size – 5 ft. Height

Material – Makrana white marble

Finishing – Gloss 

Carving – Handmade

Origin – India 


Check out this white marble pillar in a unique carving form synthetic with the aid of GRP Marbles, located in Makrana, Rajasthan. We have several designs of marble pillars in gloss completing them at the lowest prices for our valuable purchasers. Pillars are used to provide balance and comfort to the monuments however our marble pillars also upload handsome panorama and effect if attaches in precise course and appearance.

Material – No doubt that marble is a luxurious material but its merchandise provides royalty and splendor to putting in areas. Makrana marble is well well-known globally due to its durableness and lengthy-lastingness. If the problem comes of the exceptional durable handicraft objects then GRP Marbles comes at the top rank on exporting their marble and stone craft objects within the guarantee.

Stability and ornamentation – For domestic residing areas, these things are the maximum essential. We have the best exceptional marble and stone pillars that could fulfill ornamental perspectives and balance your home space.


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