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Marble carved pooja temple


Product MRP: 90,000.00

Product code – MTW-091

Packaging details – As per customer requirement

Size – 4.5 ft. height

Material – Marble


 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Appearance  As per customer requirement
 Carving  Handmade
 Marble  Makrana marble
 Finishing  Gloss

Look at this marble mandir in carving had manufactured by GRP Marbles. This is an amazing fact that our craftsmen are incredible to make carving on marble material. We are manage to produce spiritual items as consumer supposition. Makrana is great from other other material when matter comes for devotion. This is amazing idea of yours to take this carved temple at home and get adoration. GRP Marbles is an massive constructer of temples and many other spiritual items in marble substance.

specialty – This carved temple is purify from old art and upload an mind blowing ambience on your surroundings. Makrana is an enormous marble matter and looks great to see. This is an permanent of issue for everyone for choosing correct material for temple. But we are here to provide you such an tremendous temple in best quality of marble. Makrana marble finishing looks super and give an amazing impression to this temple.

Pooja – God is the first priority for us and we have an great favor from them. To give an special place for god, We do adorable worship. Pooja is an important part for good luck in home and saved us from negative vibration situated in place. Marble is the auspicious material and considered for your home interior spiritual items.

Decoration – This gloss finished marble temple is the good way to decorate your home with positive vibes. This is an amazing idea for yours to add elegance on your landscape and convince god to enter in your place. Temple should create an good impression to the interiors and also spreading happiness on your surroundings.

Manufacturing – We are big sellers of marble interior designing product and provide customer as its requirement. Makrana marble is safe from water mud and could give the best efforts in home. This all stone factory is situated in Makrana, Rajasthan and operating from Faridabad.


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