Marble Temple

From GRP Marbles

Product MRP: 65,000.00

  • Item Code: MT66
  • Delivery Time: On Time
  • Packaging Details: As Per As Client Requirement



Type Indoor
Color White
Material Marble
Brand GRP Marble
Finish Polished
Packaging Type Box

We trade Sandstone temples in the Wide Range, which are also famous. Temple built of Sandstone stone is completely different than a temple made of marble. It has a different value than the quality of the marble in both the quality and the strength. After hard work, with the cooperation of our artisans and we have successfully succeeded in delivering the sandstone temple to you. For the Temple built from Sandstone, you can take any information related to it without any hesitation. So, let us know today what is special in our sandstone temple, which makes it famous and its processing is done in a lot of places, whose direct work goes to us and our artisans. Good workmanship Our artisans decorate the temples present here


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