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Polished marble mandir


Product MRP: 4,500.00

Product code – MTW-023

Packaging details – Depends on customer requirement 

Brand – GRP Marbles

Material – Makrana marble


 Brand  GRP Marbles
 Weight  As per customer requirement
 Thickness  As per customer requirement
 Size  1.5 ft. height
 Carving  Handmade

Look at this Painted Makrana marble mandir manufactured by GRP Marbles. This marble temple is handmade and upload beautifully on your landscape. Marble mandir is the first priority for us to giving god a beautiful space at home. Look at this marble mandir manufactured by GRP Marbles. Our manufacturing is located in Makrana, Rajasthan. Marble mandir are here to jazz your mood up in a great way. You do not need to get confused since you can find a big collection of marble mandir.

Worship – This marble mandir is best for for adorative worship in home and preserve from bad energy situated in home. Our marble temple is in great demands by people because of their durability and stability. Pooja of god is the first for us to give them special space in home.

Decoration – Decoration is the natural thoughts in the mind of peoples to give their home a special look from another home. f budget is not a problem, Then you should try marble material mandir for your home calmness. marble mandir is popular from old era because of its durability.


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