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Pure white marble inlay table top


Product MRP: 16,000.00

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Material – White marble

Design – Inlay 

Finishing – Gloss Surface

Purpose – Decoration 

Brand – GRP Marbles

Origin – India 


Add this glorious white marble table top in a superb inlay structure manufactured by GRP Marbles in the best natural stone city Makrana in Rajasthan. GRP Marbles is one of the best manufacturing services for decorative handicraft items in India. Inlay is an amazing technique that can apply to marble material and enhance marble products’ beauty and value. It’s a mixture of many colorful natural stones inside marble material to improve product quality and beauty.

Material – This is a Makrana pure white marble inlay table top and is eligible to show luminosity and charm when connect to your domestic interior space because of material standard quality and whiteness. The inlay technique is suited to Makrana marble because it is pure white. White marble material is used for many purposes at home like giving ornamental view and showing royalty to others.

Ornamentation – Connect this white marble inlay table top at your indoors to register charming and impersonation. Decoration is a main thought in people’s mindset about their domestic place. This is the best way of connecting positivity, value and good panorama to your house by adding this spectacular look marble inlay table top in a magnificent direction.


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