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Pure white marble lamps


Product MRP: 6,000.00

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Material – Makrana white marble

Finishing – Gloss Surface

Purpose – Decoration 

Origin – India



Check out these pure white marble lamps in gloss surface finishing manufactured by way of GRP Marbles in Makrana, Rajasthan. We have the most stunning lamps of Makrana white marble to enhance the ornamental view of your domestic place. These lamps are eligible to show royalty and modernity if connect a good place and direction to your living area.

Material – We have superb white marble material to make astonishing handmade items for both interior and exterior design. No doubt that marble is an expensive material but its handicrafts show massive value to installing places. When the matter comes of choosing material for adding handicraft items to give impersonation to guests then marble comes at the top.

Ornamentation – Decoration is a crucial task for everyone in their domestic spaces because it keeps the impression and value of the living area on visitors.

Finishing – These lamps were finished in superb gloss surface by our skilled artists through a handmade process. Our marble material can provide superb luminosity and brightness to products and increase your installing place value.


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