Stone Pillars For Garden


Product MRP: 34,000.00

  • Price is per feet
  • Item Code: SSS096
  • Production Capacity: As Per As Customer
  • Delivery Time: As Per As Customer
  • Packaging Details: As Per As Customer



Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Feet

Material Stone
Color Beigh
Finishing Yes
Brand GRP Marbles
Shape As Per As Customer
Surface Finish yes
Thickness As Per As Customer
Design As Per As Customer
Size As Per As Customer
Diameter As Per As Customer
Model Name/Number Stone Pillars
Product Type Gardening
Quantity Per Pack As Per As Customer
Sku No. N/A
Stone Type dholpur
Style As Per As Customer
Surface finished
Technique As Per As Customer
Weight As Per As Customer
Glossiness As Per As Customer
Usage/Application indoor/outdoor
I Deal In New Only

Everything you need to know about stone pillars and how can you create them inexpensively

Stone pillars have been an important part of every architectural construction ever since medieval times. Unlike the single stone pillars that are gaining widespread recognition and for their amazing nature. These are very easy to build and are comparatively inexpensive as well. stone pillars come forth with an impressive image and an instant attraction by the crowd. 

In the erstwhile times, stone pillars have been an engaging and popular element of construction. Constructing pillars today is not as easy task as it used to be since it requires architects to look through the details of it as well. pillars are made out of stones that are made out of individual stones called the size stones. The size stones pillars, unlike the single stone pillars, are easy to build and are comparatively inexpensive as well.


However, there are a few considerations about stone pillars that you need to know.

•           The merges or contrasts: these are ideal for buildings that are constructed out of stone, mud or bricks. These then either merge or contrast with the other natural materials as compliments to the building.

•           Dressing and bonding: you need to chip off all the unevenness in the visible surfaces. However, the degree of dressing that you undergo with the material shows how smooth and how rustic the surface is to ensure good bonding.

•           Consider Mason’s role: in case if you are going to run at electrical conduits into the pillars then you need to run a pipe in the center of it as well. The mason of the project has to take extra precautions in building the pillars. They also need to ensure that cornerstones should be mutually aligned to create the proper vertical corners.


While stone pillars, add to the charm and beauty of your building, if you construct them in the wrong way, it can lead to irrecoverable consequences.


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