Stone Pillars For Home


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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Feet 

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Material Stone
Color Beigh
Finishing Yes
Brand GRP Marbles
Type Outdoor
Shape As Per as Customer Requirments
Surface Finish As Per as Customer Requirments
Thickness As Per as Customer Requirments
Design As Per as Customer Requirments
Size As Per as Customer Requirments
Diameter As Per as Customer Requirments
Model Name/Number Stone Pillars
Product Type Stone
Quantity Per Pack As Per as Customer Requirments
Stone Type makrana
Style Unique
Base Shape As Per as Customer Requirments
Surface finished
Technique As Per as Customer Requirments
Weight As Per as Customer Requirments
Handmade Yes
Glossiness As Per as Customer Requirments
Usage/Application Outdoor
I Deal In New Only

These DIY ideas will help you to build a perfect stone pillar Stone pillars have been a staunch masterpiece for architecture since time and again. Many monuments constructed during medieval times have used the power and the beauty of the stone pillars. That is why several monuments in the Indian subcontinent have grazed the beauty of the stone pillars mingled with the charm and the ecstatic beauty of stone pillars.

If you want to add the appealing beauty of stone pillars to you modern houses or any other such construction, then the following is the DIY steps that will make you built your stone pillar, packed with the charming and intricate details of your creativity.


Follow the following steps to construct your stone pillar.

1. Order the plywood bases: the first thing is to assemble all the raw materials for the construction. You can go for any type of raw material for building the base of the stone pillar. You can go for limestone, wood or any other column base as well.

2. Cover the base: this is the first thing that you have to do, secure the base with a hammer stapler. Also, you need to trim the bases with a knife and warp tar paper over the horizontal surfaces.

3. Add the metal mesh: now you have to cover the column with the metal lathe so that the stones have something to adhere to. Nail the metal lathe through the plywood into the studs.

4. Apply the mortar mixture: prepare the mortar mixture and apply it correctly over the lathe. Now let it sit for at least two hours and let the scratch coat to dry off.

5. Apply the stones at the bottom: after the mortar paste has dried, start applying stones at the bottom of the column.

6. Place the cornerstones with the help of a little mortar paste so that you make a good adhesion.

7. Now you have to fill in the center stones so that all the stones are covered with mortar.

8. Trim the corner ends of the block and remove the excess mortar as well.

9. Measure and cut the stones with the help of the cut-off saw and then apply a good amount of mortar on the top of the column base.

10. Fill in all the voids and then create a rough edge around the stone mark as well

You have your DIY stone pillar ready for getting compliments for your great sense of creativity.


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