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White marble decorative grills


Product MRP: 450.00

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Material – Makrana white marble

Finishing – Gloss Surface

Purpose – Ornamentation 

Origin – India



Check out these stunning grills of pure white marble material manufactured with the aid of GRP Marbles in Makrana, Rajasthan. These grills can offer a fantastic effect on your balcony or any home area place if they are uploaded with a terrific look. White marble material products can deliver the effect and show royalty in installing locations.

Material – Our Makrana white marble handicraft items are nicely well-known because of display surprising affection at putting in regions. Our production service of handmade objects ends up famous every day due to our fine experienced artisans.

Finishing – These marble pillars are beautifully finished on a gloss floor and managed by our pinnacle-rated artists through handmade strategies. This is natural Makrana white marble material and looks better while connecting to your home region in the right direction.

Decoration – Adding an ornamental view of home space is continually a concept in humans’ mind-set. These pillars will improve the ornament in your vicinity if upload a very good extremely good appearance.


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