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White marble polished Hanuman Ji statue


Product MRP: 47,000.00

Packaging details – As per customer requirement

Size – 2 ft. height

Material – Makrana marble

Finishing – Gloss Surface 

Origin – India 


Look at this white marble statue of Hanuman Ji in beautiful polished design manufactured by GRP Marbles in Makrana, Rajasthan. This white marble statue is finished in gloss surface by our experienced and skilled artists and will surely provide amazing luminosity, value and charm if upload at magnificent destination at your domestic place.

Hanuman Ji Worship – In our Hinduism culture, Hanuman Ji is the most famous deity in spiritual world and followed by many peoples to get blessings, positivity and good luck. Worship is main-important in every domestic place because it keep adoration and dilute all negative energy from homes. GRP Marbles is the good and top-rated manufacturer of marble statues, so you can customize your feelings to us because our craftsmen are able to construct speculative marble divine statues for consumers.

Material – This is pure Makrana white marble material statue of Hanuman Ji and finished in superb gloss surface to provide charm, beauty and luminosity to the uploading place. We have many divines statues of pure white marble material for our valuable clients.


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