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White marble Sai Baba idol


Product MRP: 11,000.00

Packaging Details – As per customer requirement

Size – 1 Ft. Height

Material – White marble

Finishing – Gloss Surface 

Purpose – Decoration and Worship 

Origin – India


Check out this natural white marble Sai Baba statue in gloss surface completing manufactured through manner of global-well-known production provider of herbal stone and marble objects ‘GRP Marbles’. Sai Baba is an Indian religious grasp referred to as Fakir in our religion. Worship of diviner is critical in home areas for keeping adoration and positivity in surroundings.

Material – This is natural white marble material and is absolutely safe from water and dust absorption. So, you do have now not to fear to choose this cloth for including non secular statues in domestic area. According to Vastu Shastra, Marble non secular merchandise are appraised as an auspicious material to feature to home spaces.

Worship – Worship Sai Baba at domestic and get blessings and proper good fortune. Worship of diviners is essential for each home region’s safety and dilutes all terrible energies from homes.


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