White Marble Stone Garden Gazebo


Product MRP: 345,000.00

  • Item Code: snn09
  • Production Capacity: As Per As Customer
  • Delivery Time: As Per As Customer
  • Packaging Details: As Per As Customer



Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE

Shape Dome
Material Marble
Brand GRP Marbles
Dimension As Per As Customer
Color White
Frame Finishing Polished
Product Size As Per As Customer
Is It Waterproof Waterproof
Number Of Pillars 4
Sail Finishing yes
Product Type As Per As Customer
Appearance As Per As Customer
Function Durable
Style As Per As Customer
Thickness As Per As Customer
Weight As Per As Customer
Walls As Per As Customer
Free Standing No
Diameter As Per As Customer
Features Unique
Model Name/Number NNN99
Surface Finishing yes

Need a perfect look for your garden gazebo! Walkthrough this amazing embellishing looks 

Your garden is one place that not only can charm your house with a great view but you can also add to its style statement. You can always add to the appeal of your garden gazebo and make it look more open and panoramic, patching it perfectly with the look of your house. For people, who don’t know about a garden gazebo, these are open pavilion structures that offer some shelter from the sun, rain, and other intense weather conditions.

Nowadays, the look and the charm of garden gazebos have changed. Designers are making it look more like a comfy and beautiful setting in your house; a place that makes you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated and awakens your senses. A garden gazebo is your abode where you do not need to think about the world but meditate in your thoughts. 


The various looks you can create the garden gazebo with

Now when you understand what garden gazebos are, create it with elements that make it more of a silent and tranquil escape in your house.

•           The classic look: a classic garden gazebo is all about greenery and pool space, making your home’s architecture look more appealing and luring.

•           The modern look: you can add some glass mirrors to your garden setting and decorate it with materials that are perfect for sipping coffee while reinvigorating in the greenery around.

•           The porch look: you can make it look more free-standing and open just like a porch setting. This will add some distinctive flavor to your garden setting too.

•           Just like a kiosk: following the gazebo designs like a kiosk will make your summer afternoon more pleasant with a good book and a great glass of wine.

•           The poolside pergolas: there is no better place than getting a peaceful setting near the pool with good architectural styling and a modern gazebo.



Just like another setting in your house, your garden gazebo is a great place for you to relax and enjoy your summer barbecue. So, make it just as entertaining as you can.


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